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Lost On The Ale Trail: The Perfect Pour #222

Not too sure about what is happening with this whole Take Craft Back thing the Brewers Association is doing, but we will talk about it. Some other beer things we will likely get to this episode:

  • A friend of the show now has a special crowler machine.
  • Concert Beer days may be numbered for some of us.
  • It’s not easy ordering craft beer in clubs.
  • One of us is having problems with Untappd.
  • Maybe brewers are forgetting to filter things, things like beer.
  • There is a local Ale Trail happening and it will be a Fresno GetIt. By the way, please forgive the local tangent down Fulton Street, but it does involve beer so it can’t be that bad.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

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45.4 | 1:39:17 | Fowl Language

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Untappd Updates and Sparging


Our craft beer party has things like:

A big update from our favorite beer app, Untappd, and Scotty B!

Wait. You want more? Okay, there are soft beer openings, there is word on the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12-pack, people need to stop saying “brew”, a Los Angeles get together with some Perfect Pour listeners might have happened, the show gets ripped big time on iTunes, Mikey has excessive liquid at Chilli’s, a new drop from Paul, a beer is named after a Perfect Pour thing, are crowlers allowed in the shower? AND MUCH MORE!

Click to listen: PerfectScotty188.mp3
53.7mb ||1:57:00   || Fowl Language


Our Beer Notes Are Written In Hella Cool Moleskins: The Perfect Pour #150


Craft beer questions we ask ourselves this week: How do you manage your beer social media when you’re out with somebody that doesn’t care? Is craft beer in Target about to change? Will this episode set the TANGENT record? Is Fresno getting a new old brewery? Is Flying Dog indie?

PLUS, of course, I suspect there will be some great calls from the Perfect Pour listeners, along with plenty of drinking and beers to ‘look out for’, yo!

Thanks for listening to us. Have fun with us!:

CLICK AND LISTEN: ThePerfectPour150.mp3
46.3MB || 1:41 || Language!



The Chase For 1000 Craft Beers – Perfect Pour #136


This week we learn we now have to keep our IPAs under 30 days? Crap.

The term “indie” in beer doesn’t sit well with everybody. And by the way, just so you know: Indie Beer + Indie Beer = Indie Beer. IT HAS BEEN DECIDED!

Mikey is four ‘distinct check-ins’ away from 1000. Yes, he may finally be hitting puberty. Does he make it to 1000 before the show is over?

Voicemails? Oh we got listener voicemails, people. Sadly some dumbass (Mikey) forgot to play Cody’s for two weeks straight, but there are still plenty to listen to.

Something for you the listener to take with you: We need a name for Scotty B’s IPA he’s brewing without hops. Name it!


CLICK TO LISTEN!: PerfectPour136mp3
 47.3 MB | 01:43:00 | Some Explicit Language

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Where Is Your ‘Sweet Spot’ For IPAs?/Untappd Gets Bought Out: Perfect Pour #132


Where is your ‘sweet spot’ of alcohol in a IPA? Is it 6.7%? 7.2%? We may try to figure this out.

Also this week: Untappd becomes a ‘buyout app’, some sad local beer news, what it sounds like when a tangent happens within’ a tangent, ‘look out’ for some new indie beer hitting the market, listen to a lot of voicemails and express a desire for indie canned water.

But most importantly: we have fun drinking good beer.

LISTEN: UntappdBuyoutAppPour132.mp3
42.9 MB | 01:33:52 | Some Explicit Language

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If Your Favorite Rock Band Was A Craft Brewer, What Brewery Would It Be?: Perfect Pour #110


There seems to be a link between craft beer drinkers and rock/metal fans. Is it the easy going, party hard, enjoy life thing? Is that the link? The rebel, anti-establishment vibe?

Not sure. But this week on the show, we (in a completely not planned or well thought-out way), throw out rock band names and try to pair them with a craft brewer. Good times.

We also drink plenty of beer and give half-cool reviews. Talk about some beer culture, listen to some listener voicemail, make some picks for upcoming beer releases and talk about some good news from our Patreon account!

LISTEN, YO!: PerfectPourRockEP110.mp3

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Perfect Pour #77: The Beer Of The Year

photo (1)

What was the 2014 Beer Of The Year for the Perfect Pour crew? We find out, with plenty of honorable mentions thrown in.

More stuff too. Is Grapefruit Sculpin’ worth every bit of its $15 a six-pack price tag? Untappd is planning some cool stuff, listeners call-in, what we were Caught Drinking and more craft beer talkin’!
Listen with the player at bottom of page or click: BeerOfTheYear2014.mp3
HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
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