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The One With ‘Beer Trust’: The Perfect Pour EP 201

perfect pour 201

We begin our next beer trek, this one to episode 300, at the start: 201.

This week, we catch up with the latest in craft beer culture, maybe (just maybe) begin a major craft beer movement, start a ‘brewmance’ and drink some amazing beers, all donated by listeners! We have some pretty rad listeners, as you are about to find out. Cheers!

DOWNLOAD!: ThePerfectPour201donations.mp3
48.7MB | 1:46:32 | Bad Language




Dry Hop Or Die: The Perfect Pour #145


This week we try to figure out if there is any space left on the beer shelves for buyout beer, let alone independent craft beer. There’s some mixing of Star Wars and beer. People celebrate Chocotaso Tuesday/Chocotaso Day and call in to the show.

Plus! We wade through our week and what we were caught drinking, beer we are looking out for, plenty of voicemails to listen to AND There may be a new song from Paul In Fairfax and much more craft beer talkin’ goodness!

Click To Listen!: DryHopOrDiePour145.mp3
50.1 MB | 1:49:26 | Language


Can A Quad IPA Still Be Called An IPA? + Dust Bowl Brewing: Perfect Pour #140


We have friends to join us in our craft beer drinking this week: Scott from Dust Bowl Brewing and Randy from Delta Pacific.

We discuss all the cool BIG stuff Dust Bowl is about to do for craft beer in the Central Valley. Plus Randy reveals he may be bringing a major (to us at Perfect Pour) indie brewer to Fresno!

Plus we drink a lot of beer (crowlers of Fieldwork and kinda awesome) and get into all the things: beer culture, plenty of listener voicemails, triple and quadruple IPAs, and Nick was caught drinking at a new spot in Fresno.

Thanks for listening!:

LISTEN!: PerfectDustBowlPour140.mp3



Hop Fresheners and The Alabama Beer Shakes: Perfect Pour #86


We get into what the Full Pint recommends for alternatives to Pliny The Younger (of course there’s an issue), more musician beer is coming out, Stone is changing up their pale and Tioga is changing up THEIR’S. We drink beer from Alabama? and a giant Dust Bowl growler while talking about new futuristic growlers that are coming out and more craft beer nerding!

Perfect Pour 86: PerfectPour86.mp3


HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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Let’s Get Dark and Roasty: Perfect Pour Podcast #75


We go stout heavy in this episode (and there was much rejoicing).

Also: Do you even bother asking for beer on Christmas? We get through what Paste Magazine says is the top 20 new beers of 2014. Top Google searches for beer for 2014. What beers have we Been Caught Drinkin’? We have to wait a year for some new Modern Times beer. We also listen to voicemails: 559-492-0542! Bearded Brewer gives us the lowdown on Rush Day at Tioga Sequoia Brewing and more!!

And much fun is had drinking Midnight RUSHJolly Rodger, Master of Disguise and more!

Join us! Listen with player above or download this: PerfectPour75.mp3

Thank you so damn much for listening!!
HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
Email Perfect PourReview us on iTunesTalk to us on our Facebook page and Google + page. The Perfect Pour is part of the Dorktown NetworkVOICEMAIL: 1-559-492-0542