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Too Hopped To Handle Now [Yesaround]: Perfect Pour #247

Are ‘Soccer People’ taking over your favorite taproom? You know, that group of people that camp at the bar so they can watch a soccer game together. Should we be ok with this? We discuss.

Some other stuff this week:

  • We have some beer out of the can for the first time… talking about Drake’s, Weldworks and more.
  • How accurate are your Untappd Checkins?
  • Dallas beer spot recos and we ask for some Toronto & Montreal ones.
  • Record Store Day beer pairings.
  • The biggest reason you set limits on beer releases.
  • Do you recycle your brewing gloves or are you simply an animal?

All this and much more beer foolishness! Go full dip and listen!

Click: PerfectPour247.mp3

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Dry Hop All The Things: Perfect Pour #197


When ya gotta have a Bro Beer, ya gotta have an 805… bro. That’s right, somebody on the show may have had a Firestone Walker 805. Some other things that happen on the show this week:

  • Is a crowler better than having a 16oz can?
  • People are not ordering off the “Chalkboard” enough at Yardhouse.
  • Craft beer inside a kid’s amusement park?
  • The goodness of Alpine in Ohio.
  • How does a Baby Parabola hold up?
  • The Power of Love…for beer.
  • What is micro-dosing in a taproom?

There is a lot more but those are some of the things. Check it out:

Click: DryHopTheThingsPour197.mp3
51.5 MB | 1:52:38 | Bad Language 


IPAs ALL DAY, SON! Perfect Pour Podcast #108


We are finally going to try a Founder’s All Day IPA. It took too long to get to this place.

That is not the only beer we try. We try many of them. Many of them before and during the podcast. You can kinda tell if you listen.

We also get through the rumor that Saint Archer may probably sorta sell their souls to Miller/Coors, hot-dogs and beer coming to Fresno, there was a Scotty B meeting and he wasn’t DRIVVVIN’.

Also listen for all the craft beer bottle release news we deem cool, what we were caught drinking, cheers and watch out for a California tangent.

Click to listen: PerfectPourAllDay108.mp3

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Bottle Release Of The Week: Drake’s Aroma Coma IPA

It’s so damn tasty. At least that’s my memory of it. Talking about Aroma Coma, seasonal IPA from Drake’s Brewing.

It was released over the weekend so you can certainly get it if you’re in the East Bay. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be a tour stop.

Yeah, this beer is so damn cool it has its own tour. It also has two opening acts: Aroma Therapy (double IPA version) and Aroma Prieta (pale version).
 Did you see that? The tour stops in the Perfect Pour’s neck-of-the-woods, Clovis.

Coma 2015 is averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Untappd right now. Looking forward to ‘checking in’ to one on the 31st.

[photo cred]

Pliny The Younger 2015: Perfect Pour #83


Pliny The Younger. One of the Perfect Pourers braved the line at Russian River this year. Was the Regular Beer Geek experience better or was Younger better being treated as a “industry” person? Greg, The Beerocrat, returns to help us figure this out.

Plus a ton of drinking local talk, listener voicemail, Been Caught Drinking, what’s with Hopslam and more more and more craft beer talk. Thank you for listening!

HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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Let’s Get Dark and Roasty: Perfect Pour Podcast #75


We go stout heavy in this episode (and there was much rejoicing).

Also: Do you even bother asking for beer on Christmas? We get through what Paste Magazine says is the top 20 new beers of 2014. Top Google searches for beer for 2014. What beers have we Been Caught Drinkin’? We have to wait a year for some new Modern Times beer. We also listen to voicemails: 559-492-0542! Bearded Brewer gives us the lowdown on Rush Day at Tioga Sequoia Brewing and more!!

And much fun is had drinking Midnight RUSHJolly Rodger, Master of Disguise and more!

Join us! Listen with player above or download this: PerfectPour75.mp3

Thank you so damn much for listening!!
HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
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