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You Gotta ‘Cap On Foam’, Bro! [Perfect Pour #154]


We have a “sledgehammer” of a show this week.

The Bearded Brewer is back from his California Central Coast beercation! Listen for great calls, brewing talk, Russian River might be coming to your town, crowlers, plenty of drinking, more ‘beer nerd’ terms that annoy, PLUS there are some “Silicon Valley” tangents.

Something to take away from this episode: What is the beer style that represents your city the most? (voicemail 559-492-0542)

YOU CAN LISTEN HERE: PerfectPour154.mp3
43.7 | 1:35 | Language



Can A Quad IPA Still Be Called An IPA? + Dust Bowl Brewing: Perfect Pour #140


We have friends to join us in our craft beer drinking this week: Scott from Dust Bowl Brewing and Randy from Delta Pacific.

We discuss all the cool BIG stuff Dust Bowl is about to do for craft beer in the Central Valley. Plus Randy reveals he may be bringing a major (to us at Perfect Pour) indie brewer to Fresno!

Plus we drink a lot of beer (crowlers of Fieldwork and kinda awesome) and get into all the things: beer culture, plenty of listener voicemails, triple and quadruple IPAs, and Nick was caught drinking at a new spot in Fresno.

Thanks for listening!:

LISTEN!: PerfectDustBowlPour140.mp3



Crowlers or Growlers, Bro?: Perfect Pour #130


We debate whether crowlers are better than growlers. We give tips on drinking mosaic featured IPAs (spoiler alert: drink them quickly). We listen to voicemails. We look out for beers for YOU to look out for. We also drink too much indie beer (is that possible?), so thing kinda get loud and out-of-hand at times – just to warn ya.

Ohhh and Matt had to leave a major bottle share to record this episode … so like … recognize that … or something.

Direct Download: PerfectPour130.mp3

51.2mb | 1:52 | Some Explicit Language

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