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Our Beer Notes Are Written In Hella Cool Moleskins: The Perfect Pour #150


Craft beer questions we ask ourselves this week: How do you manage your beer social media when you’re out with somebody that doesn’t care? Is craft beer in Target about to change? Will this episode set the TANGENT record? Is Fresno getting a new old brewery? Is Flying Dog indie?

PLUS, of course, I suspect there will be some great calls from the Perfect Pour listeners, along with plenty of drinking and beers to ‘look out for’, yo!

Thanks for listening to us. Have fun with us!:

CLICK AND LISTEN: ThePerfectPour150.mp3
46.3MB || 1:41 || Language!




All The Sierra Nevada Beer Camps: Perfect Pour #148

Beer Camp Pour 2016

There is a new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12 pack out and we go through all six different colabs and try to figure out what everyone did.

But cooler than that!: Our good friend “Hilz Bilz” comes to the studio to have some fun with us and help us drink all the beers.

And not to be missed, Paul in Fairfax has been working on some new tunes and we just might have to review.

Frankly we just colab that crap out of this episode!


Click To Listen!: BeerCamp2016Pour.mp3
 49.0MB | 1:47:45 |Language


The Dankiest Beer Ever and Indie Beer Takes Another Hit: Perfect Pour #128


Large studio gang this week (Justin and Jake From State Farm guest) and that means MORE BEER TO DRINK! And more people to talk indie beer with.

It’s starts with a new segment called “The Buyout” – because there is a constant stream of Big Beer buying indie breweries so it needs its own time slot. So there’s that.

We drink a lot of good stuff this week too. Including the dankiest beer we’ve ever had! Catching up on listener voicemail is hella fun too.

Lots of kick ass. Thank you for listening!

Click to listen: PerfectPour128.mp3

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