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The Buyouts Are Back: Perfect Pour #199

That’s right. It’s episode 199. Also known as the episode you’ll totally forget about because the next one is 200.

But hey, we do have some interesting things to talk about. Things like:

  • Wicked Weed is now a Budweiser product so we don’t need to worry about them anymore. (the Lagunitas thing didn’t happen in time).
  • Tasting Nitch has been getting people to answer her FABQs (frequently asked beer questions) and we are game.
  • Stop posting your damn “contains no juice” beer on Instagram!
  • There are some cool CRAFT beers coming out so that’s always rad.
  • Where has Nelson gone?
  • We may be at Spokeasy’s on Wednesday night, May 10th, around 9PM, to have a GET IT and record episode 200. Then again, we may not.

Thank you for being here and listening!:

Click: PerfectPour199.mp3
49.4MB | 1:47:56 | Bad Language



California’s Craft Beer Community is Truly Magic: Perfect Pour Podcast #114


Matt returns from the California Craft Beer Summit in Sacramento with stories of how amazing the craft beer community in California is, major beer celebrities and drinking craft in hotel rooms. Speaking of, we got blocked be a Top 5 beer celeb and we figure out.

This week became a huge listener voicemail week and it is wonderful (keep the calls coming, yo!).

Oh, and we have some amazing beer from our own Scotty B – no word on if he made it while he was driving. Plus, Saint Archer sells to Miller and AB InBev trys to buy Miller.

Listen and Enjoy: PerfectPour114.mp3

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