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Beer Geeks Don’t Like Stone Greg. Why?: The Perfect Pour

So Miller Coors is now suing Stone Brewing for the name “Stone”, among other things. It’s weird but it seems the beer geek community is supporting Miller/Coors over Stone on this. Why? We explore this and might actually figure out some things.

There are many more questions this week. Like, why do non-Southern California breweries have such a hard time making a West Coast IPA? I dunno but they do.

This week is extra long. Not sure why. Maybe it’s all the cool voicemails, the list of fastest-growing indie breweries, the ton of beer we have to drink, or “Woo Hoo” girls.

Too long or not, we have some fun, hope you will too.

Sneak off, don’t tell your partner, and give it a listen!

CLICK: StoneGregBad.mp3
65.5MB | 2:23:13 | Bad Language


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You Should Totally Open A Brewery: Perfect Pour #202


Big Dog, aka “XL Perro”, joins us this week to talk about Buffalo’s craft beer scene and living in San Diego during the rise of the OG, San Diego Brewers. We also drink a lot of great beers, look out for some new beer releases and talk about how freaking hard it is to open a brewery.

Thanks for listening!

CLICK & LISTEN!: PerfectPour202.mp3
53MB | 1:55:51 |Fowl Language


New England IPAs, Pliny and Lawnmower Beer Secrets: The Perfect Pour #171


Heads up!: We put flour in this episode to make it look like we’re trying.

Our beer fridge is mic’d and ready for tough beer questions. There are more growler tips. Does the Perfect Pour approve of NE IPAs? Is the staff at SF Toronado truly assholes? All this and a lot more craft beer talk and drinking!

Stone did not lay us off while listening to this:

LISTEN HERE!: NEbeersThePerfectPour.mp3
 54.8MB | 1:59:49 | Fowl Language



Our Beer Notes Are Written In Hella Cool Moleskins: The Perfect Pour #150


Craft beer questions we ask ourselves this week: How do you manage your beer social media when you’re out with somebody that doesn’t care? Is craft beer in Target about to change? Will this episode set the TANGENT record? Is Fresno getting a new old brewery? Is Flying Dog indie?

PLUS, of course, I suspect there will be some great calls from the Perfect Pour listeners, along with plenty of drinking and beers to ‘look out for’, yo!

Thanks for listening to us. Have fun with us!:

CLICK AND LISTEN: ThePerfectPour150.mp3
46.3MB || 1:41 || Language!



Give Me That Nut … Brown: Perfect Pour Podcast #146

perfect pour 146

We are surviving off listener beer and content and that’s the way we like it.

This week we embark on a “$20.00 Challenge!” Each of us will take twenty bucks from the Golden God till and try to come back with the best example of what kind of craft beer haul you can get.

Also, gameplaning of the arrival of Modern Times is needed and we might have to capture a Show Whale.

There will be much fun had with the beers we were caught drinking, beers to look out for and the best segment: Voicemails.

Click To Listen!: GimmieThatNutPerfect.mp3
 47MB | 1:41:|Language


Growler Perfect Pours: Perfect Pour #91


There was a huge blind taste test by Paste Magazine to determine the best IPA and your dang skippy we are going to talk about that! What’s with that new/old Ballast Point? There is magic growler drinking and the story on how we got it. There may or may not be some Fresno and Space Ghost tangents within’ episode, so, sorry? There is more more more craft beer nerding! Watch our for Tiguns and check it out:

Direct Download: GrowlerPerfectPour91.mp3


HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
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Pliny The Younger 2015: Perfect Pour #83


Pliny The Younger. One of the Perfect Pourers braved the line at Russian River this year. Was the Regular Beer Geek experience better or was Younger better being treated as a “industry” person? Greg, The Beerocrat, returns to help us figure this out.

Plus a ton of drinking local talk, listener voicemail, Been Caught Drinking, what’s with Hopslam and more more and more craft beer talk. Thank you for listening!

HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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