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You Should Totally Open A Brewery: Perfect Pour #202


Big Dog, aka “XL Perro”, joins us this week to talk about Buffalo’s craft beer scene and living in San Diego during the rise of the OG, San Diego Brewers. We also drink a lot of great beers, look out for some new beer releases and talk about how freaking hard it is to open a brewery.

Thanks for listening!

CLICK & LISTEN!: PerfectPour202.mp3
53MB | 1:55:51 |Fowl Language



Double IPAs Are Over, Man. THEY’RE OVER!: Perfect Pour #194

One of us is declaring double IPAs to be over. Done. We also explore what it’s like working and all day festival at a beer garden, Untappd updates, things are happening in Fresno’s burgeoning beer scene and more loose beer geek goodness.

Plus some interesting beer releases to look out for, listener questions and plenty of beer tasting!

Click to listen: DoubleOverPerfectPour194.mp3
52.8MB | 1:55:29 | Fowl Language


This Is Aged ON White Oak: The Perfect Pour #186


This week on the show, a Budweiser commercial has got Mikey dangerously close to drinking a Bud. Dangerously.

Plus!: Joshua Tehee and Kathy Mahan from the Fresno Bee newspaper (and Flowing With Famous), come on to talk about the Bee’s new beer page and the local Fresno beer scene.

We also tackle what it’s like when your significant other is not a beer geek and you’re out there trying to be all beer geeky! And we listen to voicemails, drink some first-time-in-a-can perfection, look out for some new beer releases and give a tip or two about getting Pliny The Younger.

Click and listen!: FresnoBeePour186.mp3
57.9MB | 2:06:00 | Fowl Language


How To Become A Well Liked Beer Geek: The Perfect Pour #183


Friend to all beer geeks, Tony Bagz, joins us in the studio to help us pair sponge candy with sponge candy beer, figure out if crowlers are going to kill off growlers, trading beer stories, figure our if Sante Adarius will still be excellent with a new brewer and help us figure out how to become the most well-liked beer geek in California.

We also listen to voicemails, drink a lot more and talk about craft beer releases to look out for – including Pliny The Younger from Russian River.

Thank you for listening. CHEESE!

Click to listen: TonyBagzPerfectPour183.mp3
68.5MB || 02:29:40 || Explicit Language


We Prefer Batch #1 [The Perfect Pour – Craft Beer Podcast #156]


This week we dial back our podcast silly and get back to basics: talking about and drinking, craft beer. Yep, we candidly discuss why listeners are complaining of bad batches of podcast. Plus plenty of bottle and can openings in the middle of our classic beer segments and a thorough break-down of how a “pour your own beer” system works.

If you have dumped us lately, maybe try us this week and see if we’re tweaking the podcast recipe just right.

CLICK TO LISTEN: WePreferBatch1.mp3
52.3MB || 1:54:25 || Language


Don’t Hop Me Bro! Perfect Pour #141


Yep. It is time. It has fermented long enough. This week brings us the release of Scotty B’s no-hop IPA called “Don’t Hop Me, Bro”. Can a beer be an IPA without hops? This week we find out.

Plus all our usual junk, great voicemails, drinking and lot’s of new beers out there to look out for! Plus some brand new never tried before local beer that we turn into gold in our gullets.

LISTEN: PerfectPour141.mp3


Generous Beer Podcast Friends and the San Diego Craft Beer Scene: Perfect Pour Pod #115


We definitely broke a record (maybe two) with this week’s episode: Longest Perfect Pour Ever.

Greg, from craft beer podcast SD Beer Talk, joins us in studio and brings us lots of beer because craft beer people are super cool.

Of course we get to talk about San Diego’s craft beer scene, podcasting, drinking, the Golden Road deal with ABinBEV, more gold drinking, voicemails, drinking and drinking.

The only question is, will we break the record for most “I Love GoooOOlds” on the show.

CLICK to listen: PerfectPour15.mp3

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