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The 20 Dollar Beer Challenge Vol 2: The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show #189


Making sure your beer is heard, it’s The Perfect Pour! Is there ever going to be a Beer Week in Fresno?

This week we challenge ourselves to make the best $20 beer run we can.

We also explore news from the world of craft beer, look out for some new beer releases, figure out if there ever going to be a Beer Week in Fresno and have more discussions about shower beers as we listen to a new song from Paul that just may relate to this. Plus many more beer things … of radness.

Click to listen: PerfectPour189.mp3
50.3MB | 1:50:00 | Fowl Language



Smuggled Crowlers For Just The Two Of Us: The Perfect Pour #179


Roger from Pine & Palm muled us one of the first Silva Brewing crowlers in existence. While, a crowler from Silva Brewing may not the plans for the Death Star, it’s still pretty damn important!

Plenty of other craft beer topics pop up, including when is a taproom too grimy to hang out in and do you like to drink more beer in the Winter? We also give out info for Rush Day (best beer geek event in Fresno), tell you about some new beer to look out for, answer beer-mail and listen to the listeners!

Click to Listen!: SilvaBrewingCrowlers.mp3
64.3MB || 2:20:37 || Fowl Language


Foggy IPAs and Walmart Beer: The Perfect Pour #177


This is a palette cleanser episode as it’s just Nick & Mikey this week (the last few shows have been rammy).

Some things this week: Brewery visits, Walmart beer, selling Pliny on the secondary market and should there be a beer guest on the show every week?

Plus, as always, we give you beers to look out for and have plenty of listener voicemails.

Click to listen!: PerfectPour177.mp3
55.6MB || 2:01:39 || Language 


Pine & Palm Brewing and Taco Parties: The Perfect Pour #163

PERFECT POUR pine and palm

Roger from Pine & Palm Brewing guests this week! A lot of fun will be had. Fun with beer. Fun with voicemails. Fun with beer knowledge. Fun with tangents. Fun with a show stopping story from Matt about a certain party he went to.

Let’s have some fun together!

Click to listen: Pine&PalmBrewingPP163.mp3
58.6mb | 2:08 | Language


Shift-It Beer and Where In Town Would You Put Your Dream Brewery?


Be the beer you want to see in the world. As you attempt this, listen to this week’s Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show, it features things like:

  • Bells from Dorktown Podcast. It’s a “podcast tap takeover” of sorts.
  • Drinking beer. Plenty of listener donated beer from places back East (you, know, like East of the Sierras), Garage Door Brewing made that beer from the thing, PLUS Mikey & Nick brought back a couple of ‘looking out for’ beers from San Diego and other parts.
  • Beer news: Is Fresno going to get Pliny? We get into a little local action… sorry, bro.
  • Listeners calling in with their various beer and podcast concerns.
  • We provide some beers that you might want to look out for.

Lots and lots of F-BOMBS in this episode, just to warn ya.

Click to listen: ThePerfectPour162.mp3
63.8mb | 2:19 | Language


Beer Geeks Don’t Get Crazy Over Grain Bills, Bro: The Perfect Pour #157

Sit back and have an old Modern Times with us as we catch up with the world of craft beer as we drink a nice mix of beer. One of those beers might be the most interesting we’ve had in some time.


The feedback continues! Feedback of what we’ve been doing wrong on the show and what we’ve been doing wrong. PLUS, drinking straight from a can AND what’s the deal with Clown Shoes? Something weird is going on there.


Also: Why don’t beer geeks get crazy about grain bills like they do about hops? What’s the deal with Clown Shoes? Something weird is going on there.


Thanks for the listen. CHEERS!


CLICK TO LISTEN: 157ThePerfectPour.mp3
52.6MB || 1:55:01 || Language


What Is Wrong With Self-Pour Beer Taps and Clam Jams


There is a new wave of self-pour beer places happening. Sounds kinda awesome to be able to pour your own beer. Hasn’t that always been the dream? To be able to jump behind the bar and pour all the beer you want?

Well it’s a reality now and maybe it’s not such a great thing. We bring back Rad Stacey from New Belgium (plus the awesome Shana Shamalamadingdong of GoldStein’s) to help us break down that topic.

They also help us drink a lot of beer! Namely New Belg’s Fat Tire & Friends 12-pack. Plus they teach us what a “clam jam” is and we listen to a new song from Paul In Fairfax (that is pretty RAD), press Stacey for New Belgium buyout news, and lots of voicemail!

*Editor’s note: Sorry in advance for all the “talking over each other” you will have to endure this week. It’s the price you pay when you party and podcast. And yes, there will be crotch references.

CLICK TO LISTEN: StaceyRadShanaPour155.mp3
57MB || 2:04 || Language & Innuendo