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How’s Your Outlook On Beer? Tyler, Rad Stacey and Tony Bagz!: Perfect Pour #195


Things have been quiet around here for a few weeks so we decided to wake up the Indie Beer Gods and have Tyler (Head Awesome Dude at Libertine Brewing), Rad Stacey (New Belgium) and Tony Bagz (from THAT episode and Central Coast Distributing), on the show again. It’ll be FUN.

There might be some surf talk, brewing talk, New Belg talk, beer bar talk, sour beer advice, bad Mother’s Day advice, and lots of drinking!!

Click to LISTEN!: ThePerfectPourBagzJam.mp3
71.3 | 2:35:47 | Fowl Language

Heads up on the length… it may be a record. So, I guess “Sorry?” or “You’re welcome!” for that.



Colorado Beers With Rad Stacey!: Perfect Pour #111


We are stoked to have Rad Stacey (from New Belgium and Goldsteins) come back on the show!

She graciously brought in plenty of Colorado craft beer to try, PLUS a rare beer from the Rare Barrel. There is many a craft beer debates; fall beers, beer distributing, Bako Bastards and Stacey’s adventures in a Wyoming hot-spring with hobos.

Plus all our usual craft beer geek stuff like: Looking Out For and Been Caught Drinking!

Also, can we get Rad Stacey to tell us what New Belgium beers are going to GABF?

CLICK TO LISTEN: RadStaceyPerfectPour111.mp3

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Rad Stacey Is A Total New Belgium Bro: Perfect Pour #89


Do you even craft, Bro?! Stacey from New Belgium brewing does. Rad Stacy joins us in the studio to tell us awesome stories of New Belgium Brewing and share with us what it’s like trying to ride the Slow Ride ‘Couch Bike’, Tour De Fat, rep-ing NB in Central California and all the secret marketing terms New Belg uses. OH AND WE DRINK LOTS OF BEER! Plus “Bells” (Dorktown Podcast) shows up and spends his birthday with us!

PLUS! The Bearded Brewer gives us the run down on Tioga’s latest ‘bottle release day’ and the theft of some craft banners.

Lots of fun. Lots of beer. Lots of podcast. Please enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: NewBelgiumRadStacyPerfectPour89.mp3


HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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