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Guitar Center Has No Hazy Beer – A Mostly Clear Perfect Pour


When is there going to be dive bars in malls? When can I get a beer in my hardware store? Is Guitar Center going to get a hazy beer room next to their acoustic room?

All these questions and more beer geek fun, on this week’s show.

Stuff like, we will talk about some beer releases you should look out for, new voicemail callers, maybe some home brewing tips, Vancouver beer outing recos, a look at some beer industry jobs and more fun.

Be careful not to get caught in the grain listening!:

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57.7MB | 2:06:06 | Fowl Language

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Wet Wild and Hoppy: Perfect Pour #73


The Bearded One returns and we get deep into craft beer nerdness. We love and dislike beers during our bottle sharing, talk about apps for craft beer and kinda give a live review of Next Glass. Then we drink more beer, talk about what’s happening in the craft beer world and listen to a voicemailness. Let’s see…what else?… oh yes, we talk about the beer we’ve been drinking, beer we want to be drinking and MORE DRINKING!

Bottle share with us and listen!:
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HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
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