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The Wyld Stallyns of Craft Beer: Perfect Pour #224


Welcome to our excellent beer adventure. The alcohol is up a notch this week, so look out.

Good times are had, talking about all the beer geek things that we find cool. We also drink some fine beer, including the first Snow Pack of the season from Sierra Nevada.

There’s a lot more beer geeky fun than that, so kick back and listen and always be excellent to each other.

LISTEN!: perfectpour224.mp3
52.6MB | 1:55:00 | Bad Language

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We Go Off Beer Campus and May Not Come Back: Perfect Pour #204


Let’s have some FUN with our nerd beers. This week we get into some things like…

  • Matt is off the “Beer Campus” but is still on the show.
  • We try to have some more fun with this year’s Beer Camp 12 pack.
  • Where the hell do some of these “big beers” come from?
  • It’s been fun watching for the beer Easter eggs on HBO’s Silicon Valley this season “805, Bro!”
  • There is an almost life changing voice message from Paul.
  • Beers to look out for.
  • Shady deals for a case of Pliny.
  • Matt totally almost ran into a big beer celebrity, in an alley.

There’s a lot more but that will get ya going. INCLUDING A BONUS CLIP at the end. So let’s start listening!

CLICK: BeerCampusPour204.mp3
43.3MB | 1:34:44 | Some Fowl Language


Beer Camp 12-Pack 2017: The Perfect Pour #203

Our annual event of trying to get through the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp colab 12-pack all in one episode. Can we do it or do we get distracted by whalze and media outlets selling to Big Beer?

Let’s find out.

Click to stream: BeerCamp2017.mp3
47 MB | 01:42:45 | Some Fowl Language


Untappd Updates and Sparging


Our craft beer party has things like:

A big update from our favorite beer app, Untappd, and Scotty B!

Wait. You want more? Okay, there are soft beer openings, there is word on the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12-pack, people need to stop saying “brew”, a Los Angeles get together with some Perfect Pour listeners might have happened, the show gets ripped big time on iTunes, Mikey has excessive liquid at Chilli’s, a new drop from Paul, a beer is named after a Perfect Pour thing, are crowlers allowed in the shower? AND MUCH MORE!

Click to listen: PerfectScotty188.mp3
53.7mb ||1:57:00   || Fowl Language


Citra Tickets and Sierra Nevada Variety Packing: The Perfect Pour #182


In this week’s craft beer podcast adventure, we sorta attempt to buy tickets for a case of Citra as we drink some new Sierra Nevada IPAs.

We also wonder if remote taprooms will explode in 2017, kill a favorite bit and talk about some bottle releases to look out for.

LISTEN: PerfectPour182.mp3
48.7MB || 01:46:31 || Fowl Language


All The Sierra Nevada Beer Camps: Perfect Pour #148

Beer Camp Pour 2016

There is a new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12 pack out and we go through all six different colabs and try to figure out what everyone did.

But cooler than that!: Our good friend “Hilz Bilz” comes to the studio to have some fun with us and help us drink all the beers.

And not to be missed, Paul in Fairfax has been working on some new tunes and we just might have to review.

Frankly we just colab that crap out of this episode!


Click To Listen!: BeerCamp2016Pour.mp3
 49.0MB | 1:47:45 |Language


What Are The ‘Bro Beers’ Of The Craft Beer World? – Perfect Pour Podcast #112


Besides trying some super fresh beers from Tioga Sequoia, The Hop Concept, Odell Brewing, Maui Brewing, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium, we talk about all the craft beer geek stuff worth talking.

Our main topic this week: What are the ‘Bro Beers’ of the craft beer world? Yeah, we know much of the macro scene is taken up by ‘bro beers’ but what if you were forced to come up with a craft beer that bros drink?

Oh plus: Another craft beer podcast wants to hear some throwing-up stories and we oblige.

CLICK TO LISTEN: PerfectBroBeer.mp3

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