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Don’t Hop Me Bro! Perfect Pour #141


Yep. It is time. It has fermented long enough. This week brings us the release of Scotty B’s no-hop IPA called “Don’t Hop Me, Bro”. Can a beer be an IPA without hops? This week we find out.

Plus all our usual junk, great voicemails, drinking and lot’s of new beers out there to look out for! Plus some brand new never tried before local beer that we turn into gold in our gullets.

LISTEN: PerfectPour141.mp3



Barleywine, Scotty B, Kegs and Craf Beek Geeking: Perfect Pour #102


He is our best caller so Scotty B. But this week, we have him in studio!…and he brought a keg. A keg of barleywine!

We drink said keg, get educated on barleywine, homebrewing, Nick’s beercation on the Central Coast and get caught up on the week in craft beer. And drink more beer…because beer.

Check it out: BarleyWineAndScottyB.mp3


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