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How To Become A Well Liked Beer Geek: The Perfect Pour #183


Friend to all beer geeks, Tony Bagz, joins us in the studio to help us pair sponge candy with sponge candy beer, figure out if crowlers are going to kill off growlers, trading beer stories, figure our if Sante Adarius will still be excellent with a new brewer and help us figure out how to become the most well-liked beer geek in California.

We also listen to voicemails, drink a lot more and talk about craft beer releases to look out for – including Pliny The Younger from Russian River.

Thank you for listening. CHEESE!

Click to listen: TonyBagzPerfectPour183.mp3
68.5MB || 02:29:40 || Explicit Language



And We All Get A Pliny!: Perfect Pour #96


We start with 5 Pliny The Elders and go from there.

This week we are joined by Bert (Tioga Beer Garden) and Bells (Dorktown Podcast). They will help us drink lots of beer (much of it from Russian River) and nerd-out on craft beer. Are biggest topic to tackle this week is “What would be your dream variety pack?”

This is a fun one, watch out for many many F-bombs.

Listen direct: perfectplinypour96.mp3


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