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Give Me That Nut … Brown: Perfect Pour Podcast #146

perfect pour 146

We are surviving off listener beer and content and that’s the way we like it.

This week we embark on a “$20.00 Challenge!” Each of us will take twenty bucks from the Golden God till and try to come back with the best example of what kind of craft beer haul you can get.

Also, gameplaning of the arrival of Modern Times is needed and we might have to capture a Show Whale.

There will be much fun had with the beers we were caught drinking, beers to look out for and the best segment: Voicemails.

Click To Listen!: GimmieThatNutPerfect.mp3
 47MB | 1:41:|Language



Get Knee Deep Into Drinking and Thinking Up New Beer Names: Perfect Pour #104


This week in craft beer geekness!:

  • Mikey is forced to have a situational-beer.
  • Jeremy Warren leaves his own brewery, Knee Deep.
  • The Central Coast is well represented on the America’s Beeriest Beach Town list.
  • New craft beer options opening up in Fresno.
  • Listener voicemails.
  • What have you ‘been caught drinking’?
  • New beer releases we are looking out for.
  • “Breastfest” and more craft beer talk and geekness!

DOWNLOAD: PerfectPour104.mp3


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HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns 
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