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Let The Beer Take You Where It Takes You: Perfect Pour #208


WARNING! You may want to find a Hamm’s beer after listening to this.

Crack it open! Let’s have some beers! At least listen to us have some beers with Hops Cascade! Yep, Hops Cascade shows up to drink with us. Who is Hops Cascade? He’s nobody, we made him up. But he is still in this episode.

Speaking of the episode, we are going to have all our usual hang-out fun with our craft beers, we love them so. We are going to talk about some craft beer culture news (good job Modern Times). We are going to listen to people call us and make fun of us. We are going to talk about beer releases you should look out. We are going to drink gold.

PLAY: PerfectPour208.mp3
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Thanks for listening!!

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Top 50 IPAs and Bruised Bud Brewer Egos: The Perfect Pour #207


We are back for our weekly rowdy beer geek drink & talk! We touch on many a thing while we drink. Some of them being:

  • There are some Budweiser brewers that think you should not be worried about being Independent.
  • Soon some dude will bring beer to your door soon and you will be passed out.
  • Worst Beer Blog is leading beer social media in shade.
  • Draft Magazine picked 50 of their favorite IPAs and we might have one or two.
  • What beer would you bring on a boat?
  • Paul From Fairfax has a new song that he doesn’t want to be played but we are going to play it anyway.
  • Mikey might have single handily stopped Fieldwork from opening a remote taproom in Fresno.
  • New beer releases to Look Out For.
  • Lots of voicemail fun and more more more!

Let’s ride the hazy train!

CLICK: and LISTEN: PerfectPour207.mp3
47.3MB | 1:43:21 | Bad Language!

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Don’t Hop Me Bro! Perfect Pour #141


Yep. It is time. It has fermented long enough. This week brings us the release of Scotty B’s no-hop IPA called “Don’t Hop Me, Bro”. Can a beer be an IPA without hops? This week we find out.

Plus all our usual junk, great voicemails, drinking and lot’s of new beers out there to look out for! Plus some brand new never tried before local beer that we turn into gold in our gullets.

LISTEN: PerfectPour141.mp3


Highly ABNORMAL Craft Beer Drinking: Perfect Pour #137


Indie beer people are a small group. Not big. Small. They need your support. If you don’t feel like supporting independent stuff, just at least leave the people that do, alone.

We talk about this and some other craft beer culture news. Plus: What is the best beer bar in your state?

We are then joined by Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer at Abnormal Beer Company. He’s a pretty awesome guy. We talked about a lot of beer stuff. Some of them this:

  • The amazing craft beer life that a brewer in San Diego can have.
  • Converting people to craft beer.
  • Do brewers look at your Untappd reviews of their beer.
  • Getting hops from Big Beer.
  • Tells some pretty awesome stories. Along with one that involves a prominent Perfect Pour listener.

Lots of IPA related drinking happens as we give you some beers to look out for and talk about beers we drank.

Oh, and there are a lot of voicemails. LOTS of voicemails.

LISTEN HERE! Just click: AbnormalBeerCoPour.mp3
58.1 MB | 2:06:58 | Explicit

(The episode of Dorktown where Bells challenges Mikey’s indie beer sensibilities.)

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Sorry Not Sorry About Our IPA Thrill Seeking: Perfect Pour #125


This suddenly became a great week for IPAs… this should be good, lots to drink. In that IPA cache we got a slight Whale Beer, break down some new fall variety 12-packs, talk about a local bottle release event, drink drink drink, listen to voicemails and dream about new beers.

The question to ask yourself before listening: How will a Aerosmith ballad factor in to this week’s show? Let’s find out!

LISTEN: PerfectPour125.mp3

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How The Perfect Pour Uses Craft Beer Geek Speak


We love to throw around beer-geek verbiage on the show. But because of all the drinking, sometimes we forget the ones we made up. So we setup this page to keep tabs and give newbie listeners some background.

Some are made up by us (denoted with an *). Some are known geek terms that we overuse use on the show. Some of the definitions may not be accurate to the outside beer world, but they are how we use them.

  • Ticker: That dude that loves to rattle off all the different beers he’s tried. “Oh I’ve had that one. I though it was alright.”
  • *Do You Even _____, Bro?: What’s better than Bro humor? We did it first, dammit! …alright, not first. But we’ve made it our own.
  • Shower Beer: Yeah, you guessed it. It’s a beer you’d take in the shower with you. We now have listeners calling from their shower so … we’ve made it?
  • *I Love GoooOOlld!: Yep. It’s from Austin Power’s “Goldmember”. Yes it’s dorky. Yes it’s funny (to us anyway). We use it every time we open a beer on the show.
  • *Situational Beer: You’re at a bar, party, wedding, restaurant and they don’t have anything you like to drink. But they have beer. And you really want a beer. The situation calls for one, no matter how bad.
  • *Hey Guys! Can You Hear Me? I’m Drivin’!: It’s what Scotty B says every time he calls the show as, yes you guessed it, he’s driving. It’s morphed into other callers using it do. We think it’s pretty fucking sweet.

There’s more but … can’t really remember them right now because beer. If you’ve got one we use on the show you think should be included, let us know.