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Top 50 IPAs and Bruised Bud Brewer Egos: The Perfect Pour #207


We are back for our weekly rowdy beer geek drink & talk! We touch on many a thing while we drink. Some of them being:

  • There are some Budweiser brewers that think you should not be worried about being Independent.
  • Soon some dude will bring beer to your door soon and you will be passed out.
  • Worst Beer Blog is leading beer social media in shade.
  • Draft Magazine picked 50 of their favorite IPAs and we might have one or two.
  • What beer would you bring on a boat?
  • Paul From Fairfax has a new song that he doesn’t want to be played but we are going to play it anyway.
  • Mikey might have single handily stopped Fieldwork from opening a remote taproom in Fresno.
  • New beer releases to Look Out For.
  • Lots of voicemail fun and more more more!

Let’s ride the hazy train!

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Thanks for listening!!

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All The Sierra Nevada Beer Camps: Perfect Pour #148

Beer Camp Pour 2016

There is a new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12 pack out and we go through all six different colabs and try to figure out what everyone did.

But cooler than that!: Our good friend “Hilz Bilz” comes to the studio to have some fun with us and help us drink all the beers.

And not to be missed, Paul in Fairfax has been working on some new tunes and we just might have to review.

Frankly we just colab that crap out of this episode!


Click To Listen!: BeerCamp2016Pour.mp3
 49.0MB | 1:47:45 |Language


This Mosaic IPA Is Way Mosaic Heavy: Perfect Pour Podcast #144


It’s a special week as Scotty B joins us LIVE! Plus John Toepfer, President of Fresno homebrew club The SJV Worthogs. If that’s not enough guest craft beer talkers, Jake From State Farm hangs out on Futon 55.

We get into many beers, talk about homebrewing, talk beer news, get ‘caught drinkin’ listen to some voicemails with Red Tube on, all with new music from Paul In Fairfax! Yes, Paul may have written the greatest beer song of all time and he ‘cold transferred’ every note!

Oh yeahhhh, and somebody might bust out a WHALEZ, BRO!

Click To Listen!: MosaicScottyPour144.mp3
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An Indie Craft Beer Podcast To Knock Your Socks Off: Perfect Pour #139


SPOILERS: We drank a lot a great beer this week. We have been very lucky lately in the donated beer department. This week we drink some of the good stuff… and we also drink a Ballast Point HEYOHHHHH!

We update the week in craft beer complete with an Indie Beer Report! Also figure out what beers you may want to look out for this week. We listen to the listeners and look back at what beers we were caught drinking.

LISTEN HERE: PerfectPourShare139.mp3
44.8 MB | 1:38:02 | Explicit Language

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Highly ABNORMAL Craft Beer Drinking: Perfect Pour #137


Indie beer people are a small group. Not big. Small. They need your support. If you don’t feel like supporting independent stuff, just at least leave the people that do, alone.

We talk about this and some other craft beer culture news. Plus: What is the best beer bar in your state?

We are then joined by Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer at Abnormal Beer Company. He’s a pretty awesome guy. We talked about a lot of beer stuff. Some of them this:

  • The amazing craft beer life that a brewer in San Diego can have.
  • Converting people to craft beer.
  • Do brewers look at your Untappd reviews of their beer.
  • Getting hops from Big Beer.
  • Tells some pretty awesome stories. Along with one that involves a prominent Perfect Pour listener.

Lots of IPA related drinking happens as we give you some beers to look out for and talk about beers we drank.

Oh, and there are a lot of voicemails. LOTS of voicemails.

LISTEN HERE! Just click: AbnormalBeerCoPour.mp3
58.1 MB | 2:06:58 | Explicit

(The episode of Dorktown where Bells challenges Mikey’s indie beer sensibilities.)

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Beer Fridge Time Machines, The Captain of Craft and 100 Episodes of The Perfect Pour


We gots a special guest for episode 100 (you’ll find out who soon enough…oh crap, already gave it away in the title) and he helps us talk about craft beer things like: Brew pubs in grocery stores, beer in the South Valley, a review of the Firestone Walker Invitational and more!

Oh yeah, and helps us drink some amazers stuff from Russian River, The Bruery, Firestone Walker, Tioga, No-Li, Great Basin and more!

Direct download: PerfectPour100.mp3

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