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Vic’s Dirty Little Beer Secret: The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show!

Perfect Pour 221

If you’re looking for Galaxy hops but can’t find it or afford them, Mike from Full Circle Brewing has a pro tip for ya.

Mike will be dropping more brewing knowledge on us, along with the info on Full Circle Brewing’s program that lets you become an investor of Full Circle. We are also going to get some postgame from GABF, wonder if a Beer Hotel sounds like a good idea, advise you on some beer releases to Look Out For, breakdown some good beer geek places to check out in Phoenix and much more beerness!

Get ready for a big old Clusterfuggle!

CLICK: PerfectPourSecret221.mp3
61.MB | 2:13:18 | Fowl Language

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Craft Beer Questions You Never Knew You Had: The Perfect Pour #169


This week we attempt to answer these craft beer things and more:

  • Why are there no ‘twist off’ bottles in craft beer?
  • What are the new details on the Kern River “Citra” bottle release?
  • What is our deal with Sam Adam’s “Rebel IPA”?
  • Where the hell is the Bearded Brewer?
  • Whom has let Drakes Brewing come back into their lives?
  • What beer knocked some socks off this week?
  • Where is the Perfect Pour listener meetup at GABF?
  • Will we ever be mixed into a Paul From Fairfax song?
  • What is our first Trillium beer?

LISTEN HERE!: TwistOffPerfectPour.mp3
 48.6MB | 1:46:17 | Language


Getting CraftDrunk Off Of Podcast Day: Perfect Pour #116


We celebrate International Podcast Day with beer! Good beer. And Periscope (yep we have a “chat room” going on this episode, for the first time).

There is excitement around he that Mr. Silva is leaving Green Flash and starting his own brewery on the Central Coast. We also talk about Dogfish Head and if it is better to have bankers invest in your brewery or Big Beer.

Plus there is plenty of great voicemails, GABF talk and craft times had. Always the fun. Have a listen to the beer geeking.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: PerfectPodcastDayPour.mp3

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HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
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