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Dry Hop All The Things: Perfect Pour #197


When ya gotta have a Bro Beer, ya gotta have an 805… bro. That’s right, somebody on the show may have had a Firestone Walker 805. Some other things that happen on the show this week:

  • Is a crowler better than having a 16oz can?
  • People are not ordering off the “Chalkboard” enough at Yardhouse.
  • Craft beer inside a kid’s amusement park?
  • The goodness of Alpine in Ohio.
  • How does a Baby Parabola hold up?
  • The Power of Love…for beer.
  • What is micro-dosing in a taproom?

There is a lot more but those are some of the things. Check it out:

Click: DryHopTheThingsPour197.mp3
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Double IPAs Are Over, Man. THEY’RE OVER!: Perfect Pour #194

One of us is declaring double IPAs to be over. Done. We also explore what it’s like working and all day festival at a beer garden, Untappd updates, things are happening in Fresno’s burgeoning beer scene and more loose beer geek goodness.

Plus some interesting beer releases to look out for, listener questions and plenty of beer tasting!

Click to listen: DoubleOverPerfectPour194.mp3
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A Full Circle Of Craft Beer: Perfect Pour #187


Mike, Head Brewer from Full Circle Brewing, stops by to talk about brewing and what is happening at Full Circle.

Plus, Matt may or may not have returned, we try a Pliny The Elder and decide if this classic needs to keep up with the new DIPAs or if it’s still the most awesome double IPA ever.

Of course, we give you a heads-up on what to be looking out for in new beer releases, have fun with listeners calling in and plenty of beer talk!

Click: PerfectPourCircle187.mp3
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Homebrewing Whales With Scotty B and Matt: The Perfect Pour #167


With Matt out on “beard leave” Mikey and Nick have to pull in somebody big to entertain the listeners. How about SCOTTY B!? Plus home-brewer and possibly about to start a legit brewery guy, Matt Vaught!

Plenty of homebrew will be poured but don’t worry, we still mix in our normal craft beer geek talk, drinking and listener voicemails. We’ll give you some beer to look out for, report on some of the best beer we drank in the past week, play games with our beers and have such bad mic problems it just might shut the show down.

LISTEN HERE!: PerfectPour167.mp3
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Paul In Fairfax, Fontana Jim and Lots Of Beer!: The Perfect Pour 158


Tonight, on a very special episode of Blossom, Blossom reveals that she has never drank a Pliny…WAIT no, this is the Perfect Pour, a craft beer show. Not a spunky early 90s sitcom.

But this is a very special episode. Our guests this week are none other than listeners and experienced beer enthusiasts: Fontana Jim and Paul In Fairfax. THATS RIGHT! Jim and Paul are live and in the studio! Not only that, the Footon 55 has a couple of guests too!

It’s pretty damn rad to be able to talk and share some good beer with good folks. Thanks for sticking with the show and having fun with us.

Welp. We have a lot of beer to drink so let’s get to it!:

CLICK TO LISTEN: JimandPaulPour158.mp3
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Chocotasoooooo: The Perfect Pour #143


You’re going to have to indulge us this week. We go into a local rabbit hole about one of our favorite pizza and beer places moving to a new location.

It’s cool though, outside of that, we got all the classic indie craft beer drinking and talking we have every week. And listener voicemails, never forget the voicemails. PLUS!: our Been Caught Drinking segment goes metal.

Ohhhhh yeah, before I forget: WE DRINK CHOCOTASO! That’s right: Chew Your Beer

sent us some Chocotaso and we drink it up! And let’s not forget the killer label Scotty B’s beer got

Thanks for being rad and listening. And to you, a Golden God of the Perfect Pour…Cheeers!


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Don’t Hop Me Bro! Perfect Pour #141


Yep. It is time. It has fermented long enough. This week brings us the release of Scotty B’s no-hop IPA called “Don’t Hop Me, Bro”. Can a beer be an IPA without hops? This week we find out.

Plus all our usual junk, great voicemails, drinking and lot’s of new beers out there to look out for! Plus some brand new never tried before local beer that we turn into gold in our gullets.

LISTEN: PerfectPour141.mp3