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Things That Make Us Beer Geeks: Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show #216

Having a podcast about being a beer geek, that makes you a beer geek, yeah?

This week, we explore the simple list that Beer Advocate put together to help us define if we are truly beer geeks.

Plus, somebody is mad at Modern Times for opening up in Portland, a good friend of the show has now crossed over to the industry side of craft beer, crowlers from THE Silva Brewing and much more.

And as always, you get some beer releases to look out for, find out what we were caught drinking last week, listen to listeners tell us beer junk and we drink plenty of good and not so good, beer!

Join us!?

Click: PerfectPour216.mp3
50MB | 1:49:22 | Some Cussing!

Thanks for listening! Cheers!

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Craft Beer Will Never Win Without Outback Steakhouse Handles: The Perfect Pour #214


Let’s all try to level up, become a nerd, and get serious about tasting beer! Or maybe we should just do what we always do and drink.

This week our biggest beer question is “Can one be pissed that Outback Steakhouse has no good beer?” We also get metal with some 3 Floyds Beers, mess with beer nerds taking their Cicerone test, look out for some new beer releases, listen to listeners, drink more beer and upset one of our favorite listeners.

Sorry about the crickets. Damn crickets. Have a listen:

Click!: ThePerfectPour214.mp3
42.MB | 1:32:55 | Fowl Language

Thank you for listening!!

-Mikey, Nick and Matt

Our “send swag” to us address/Self Addressed envelope for stickers:

The Perfect Pour – co Mike S.
2037 W. Bullard Ave #153
Fresno, CA 93711



You Should Totally Open A Brewery: Perfect Pour #202


Big Dog, aka “XL Perro”, joins us this week to talk about Buffalo’s craft beer scene and living in San Diego during the rise of the OG, San Diego Brewers. We also drink a lot of great beers, look out for some new beer releases and talk about how freaking hard it is to open a brewery.

Thanks for listening!

CLICK & LISTEN!: PerfectPour202.mp3
53MB | 1:55:51 |Fowl Language


THE REAL 200th Episode!! of The Perfect Pour – Craft Beer Show

Thank you. Thank you for hanging with us. We are here for the 200th time. Time to have fun.

This is what we should have done in the first place. Mike Cruz, top pour beer geek and industry dude at Tioga Sequoia Brewing, comes back to the show to celebrate 200 episodes with us. Lots of special bottle openings and even a special crowler or two. We also passionately talk about all the Buyout Beer news, have lots of great voicemails and lots of fun having.

Thank you, again, for being here. Enjoy!

Download: PerfectPour200.mp3
67.4 | 2:27:22 | Some Fowl Language


The 20 Dollar Beer Challenge Vol 2: The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show #189


Making sure your beer is heard, it’s The Perfect Pour! Is there ever going to be a Beer Week in Fresno?

This week we challenge ourselves to make the best $20 beer run we can.

We also explore news from the world of craft beer, look out for some new beer releases, figure out if there ever going to be a Beer Week in Fresno and have more discussions about shower beers as we listen to a new song from Paul that just may relate to this. Plus many more beer things … of radness.

Click to listen: PerfectPour189.mp3
50.3MB | 1:50:00 | Fowl Language



Untappd Updates and Sparging


Our craft beer party has things like:

A big update from our favorite beer app, Untappd, and Scotty B!

Wait. You want more? Okay, there are soft beer openings, there is word on the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12-pack, people need to stop saying “brew”, a Los Angeles get together with some Perfect Pour listeners might have happened, the show gets ripped big time on iTunes, Mikey has excessive liquid at Chilli’s, a new drop from Paul, a beer is named after a Perfect Pour thing, are crowlers allowed in the shower? AND MUCH MORE!

Click to listen: PerfectScotty188.mp3
53.7mb ||1:57:00   || Fowl Language


Capture Whale Beers With War Pigeons: The Perfect Pour #164


Everyone has a different definition of what a “whale beer” is to them. Some are pretty universal. Like, say, a Pliny or Heady. Some are regional. Some are just personal whalez.

This week we captured several kinds of whale beers. Good good times.

We also talk about our usual craft beer culture topics, give you some beer to look out for and get feedback from listeners. PLUS A NEW SONG FROM “Paul In Fairfax”! And Stick around for a little home brewer hoping to turn pro talk.

Click to listen: WarWalezPour164.mp3
54.9MB | 2:00 | Language