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Heat Wave Beers & Level Monkies! The Perfect Pour #205


The temps are double dry hopped and we need to drink. We brave the heat to bring you the craft beerness! Here are some things.

  • Drakes is having a CLAM JAM!
  • Is it better to toss old beer or hang onto it for emergency drinking?
  • Guitar noodling and beer voicemails are pretty rad.
  • Is a remodeling beer a thing you should have?
  • Craft beer salt is a thing.
  • Beer releases to LOOK OUT FOR.
  • Where is the Stone beer?
  • The rules of labeling your beer have changed and we update.
  • A new Taproom Update!
  • Much more craft beer FUN.

Thanks for checking the show out! Cheers!!

CLICK: HeatWaveBeerPour205.mp3
50.4MB | 1:50:15 | Some Fowl Language

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The One With ‘Beer Trust’: The Perfect Pour EP 201

perfect pour 201

We begin our next beer trek, this one to episode 300, at the start: 201.

This week, we catch up with the latest in craft beer culture, maybe (just maybe) begin a major craft beer movement, start a ‘brewmance’ and drink some amazing beers, all donated by listeners! We have some pretty rad listeners, as you are about to find out. Cheers!

DOWNLOAD!: ThePerfectPour201donations.mp3
48.7MB | 1:46:32 | Bad Language



The Buyouts Are Back: Perfect Pour #199

That’s right. It’s episode 199. Also known as the episode you’ll totally forget about because the next one is 200.

But hey, we do have some interesting things to talk about. Things like:

  • Wicked Weed is now a Budweiser product so we don’t need to worry about them anymore. (the Lagunitas thing didn’t happen in time).
  • Tasting Nitch has been getting people to answer her FABQs (frequently asked beer questions) and we are game.
  • Stop posting your damn “contains no juice” beer on Instagram!
  • There are some cool CRAFT beers coming out so that’s always rad.
  • Where has Nelson gone?
  • We may be at Spokeasy’s on Wednesday night, May 10th, around 9PM, to have a GET IT and record episode 200. Then again, we may not.

Thank you for being here and listening!:

Click: PerfectPour199.mp3
49.4MB | 1:47:56 | Bad Language


Dry Hop All The Things: Perfect Pour #197


When ya gotta have a Bro Beer, ya gotta have an 805… bro. That’s right, somebody on the show may have had a Firestone Walker 805. Some other things that happen on the show this week:

  • Is a crowler better than having a 16oz can?
  • People are not ordering off the “Chalkboard” enough at Yardhouse.
  • Craft beer inside a kid’s amusement park?
  • The goodness of Alpine in Ohio.
  • How does a Baby Parabola hold up?
  • The Power of Love…for beer.
  • What is micro-dosing in a taproom?

There is a lot more but those are some of the things. Check it out:

Click: DryHopTheThingsPour197.mp3
51.5 MB | 1:52:38 | Bad Language 


Untappd Updates and Sparging


Our craft beer party has things like:

A big update from our favorite beer app, Untappd, and Scotty B!

Wait. You want more? Okay, there are soft beer openings, there is word on the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12-pack, people need to stop saying “brew”, a Los Angeles get together with some Perfect Pour listeners might have happened, the show gets ripped big time on iTunes, Mikey has excessive liquid at Chilli’s, a new drop from Paul, a beer is named after a Perfect Pour thing, are crowlers allowed in the shower? AND MUCH MORE!

Click to listen: PerfectScotty188.mp3
53.7mb ||1:57:00   || Fowl Language


Smuggled Crowlers For Just The Two Of Us: The Perfect Pour #179


Roger from Pine & Palm muled us one of the first Silva Brewing crowlers in existence. While, a crowler from Silva Brewing may not the plans for the Death Star, it’s still pretty damn important!

Plenty of other craft beer topics pop up, including when is a taproom too grimy to hang out in and do you like to drink more beer in the Winter? We also give out info for Rush Day (best beer geek event in Fresno), tell you about some new beer to look out for, answer beer-mail and listen to the listeners!

Click to Listen!: SilvaBrewingCrowlers.mp3
64.3MB || 2:20:37 || Fowl Language


CAN FEST 2015!: Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast #99


We had not planned to go through a ton of canned craft beers, but it’s going to happen in this episode and it’s not a bad thing.

What’s sexier than a ‘shower beer’? Bikini watching beer, maybe? We also cover craft beer culture, figure out when is the right time to throw out your beer, find out what beers we’ve been drinking and looking out for and more craft beer geeking.

How many cans can we get though? Lets find out.

Direct LISTENCanFest2015PerfectPour99.mp3


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