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Top 50 IPAs and Bruised Bud Brewer Egos: The Perfect Pour #207


We are back for our weekly rowdy beer geek drink & talk! We touch on many a thing while we drink. Some of them being:

  • There are some Budweiser brewers that think you should not be worried about being Independent.
  • Soon some dude will bring beer to your door soon and you will be passed out.
  • Worst Beer Blog is leading beer social media in shade.
  • Draft Magazine picked 50 of their favorite IPAs and we might have one or two.
  • What beer would you bring on a boat?
  • Paul From Fairfax has a new song that he doesn’t want to be played but we are going to play it anyway.
  • Mikey might have single handily stopped Fieldwork from opening a remote taproom in Fresno.
  • New beer releases to Look Out For.
  • Lots of voicemail fun and more more more!

Let’s ride the hazy train!

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47.3MB | 1:43:21 | Bad Language!

Thanks for listening!!

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Citra? You Have a Kern River “Citra” IPA? Well Then, Come On In!: Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast #82


How did Bells (Dorktown Podcast) get back on the show again? He brought a Citra. A Kern River Citra IPA. That’s how you get back on the Perfect Pour so fast. We enjoy that and plenty of other craft beers. We of course talk about the now infamous Budweiser commercial. More beer drinking, Sally Fields experiments, is Modern Times coming or not? Listener voicemail, Been Caught Drinkin’ and Lookin’ Out! Frankly, there is all kinds of beer talk, just how we like it.

Direct Download: PerfectPour82.mp3

HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey.
MUSIC BY: Sunburns
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