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Dry Hop All The Things: Perfect Pour #197


When ya gotta have a Bro Beer, ya gotta have an 805… bro. That’s right, somebody on the show may have had a Firestone Walker 805. Some other things that happen on the show this week:

  • Is a crowler better than having a 16oz can?
  • People are not ordering off the “Chalkboard” enough at Yardhouse.
  • Craft beer inside a kid’s amusement park?
  • The goodness of Alpine in Ohio.
  • How does a Baby Parabola hold up?
  • The Power of Love…for beer.
  • What is micro-dosing in a taproom?

There is a lot more but those are some of the things. Check it out:

Click: DryHopTheThingsPour197.mp3
51.5 MB | 1:52:38 | Bad Language 



What Are The ‘Bro Beers’ Of The Craft Beer World? – Perfect Pour Podcast #112


Besides trying some super fresh beers from Tioga Sequoia, The Hop Concept, Odell Brewing, Maui Brewing, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium, we talk about all the craft beer geek stuff worth talking.

Our main topic this week: What are the ‘Bro Beers’ of the craft beer world? Yeah, we know much of the macro scene is taken up by ‘bro beers’ but what if you were forced to come up with a craft beer that bros drink?

Oh plus: Another craft beer podcast wants to hear some throwing-up stories and we oblige.

CLICK TO LISTEN: PerfectBroBeer.mp3

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