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The 7 IPAs Not In My Fridge On IPA Day


IPA Day is on the first Thursday in August. And I can give you 7 IPAs that are not in my beer fridge this year, but DAMMIT, I wish they were.

In brackets, after the beer, I will lay claim to “HAD IT” (already tried the IPA) or “Whalze Bro!” (been searching for it a while). Perfect Pour listeners already know about this pretentious “had it” claim. But I digress.

My beer fridge is sorely lacking…

7. Russian River’s: Blind Pig. [HAD IT!] Of course everybody wants to have a Pliny in their fridge. I do too. But it’s beer been too long since I’ve had a “Pliny Light” (aka Blind Pig) and I’m jonesing for one.

6. Beachwood Brewing’s: Melrose. [Whalze, Bro!] Everything I have had from Beachwood is great, but I keep missing this one. This streak of lameness needs to end today.

5. Kaweah Brewing’s: Slauncher. [Whalze, Bro!] This is a local one with a lot of buzz. It’s driving me crazy I have not tried it. Rumored to be a Pliny chaser. I’m chasing IT.

4. Carton Brewing’s: ID. [Whalze, Bro!] On many days, if you ask me what my favorite brewer is from back East, I will say “Carton, of course. Thanks for asking.” Simply ignoring the fact that I have only had one Carton beer. This only makes sense to me. Forgetting all that, I really want to try this one:

3. Maine Beer Co’s: “Lunch”. [Whalze, Bro!] Even back here in California, I hear a many a tale about this Maine Beer Company. I have not had a Maine Co beer. This “Lunch” sounds like a damn fine place to start. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit with intense hop bang. Yep. Plus the name makes me feel like it’s totally cool to have during me lunch break.

2.Kern River’s: “Citra” [HAD IT!]: Only have had this one a couple times. BUT DAMMIT those were some good times. Wouldn’t mind having more. I hear it’s coming out soon – by “hear” I mean that I dreamed about it magically showing up in my fridge.

1.  The Alchemist’s: Focal Banger [Whalze, Bro!] It’s no longer cool to want a “Heady”. You are now cool if you want the other Alchemist beer. I want to be cool.

This list could go on forever. Isn’t that great!? You could fill a fridge with IPA ‘whales’ and still be wanting more. I love you, craft beer.


Beer Release Of The Week: Modern Times’ “Fruitlands”

Modern Times “Fruitlands”

I know, I’m not really into cherry gose beers either, but this one is from Modern Times, yo!

Averaging above four stars on Untappd and coming in at 4%, “Fruitlands” is getting reviews like:

“The salty jolly rancher. Too sweet for my preference.” -Shira G.
“I’ll take one errrday” -Andrew W.
“Most delicious” -TopHop

It seems the ‘sour heads’ are looking for a little more tart and salt but generally a well revieved beer. We shall be looking out for it in our Modern Times dry town of Fresno.

Top Five Things I Hope Matt’s Beard Is Doing Right Now


You know our Matt? BeardedBrewer87? Yes well he has a craft beard. And here are the top five things I hope his Beard is doing right now:

  1. Watching Degrassi High – The original, not that Drake-in-a-wheelchair one.
  2. Making waffles.
  3. Convincing somebody the Star Wars prequels are underrated.
  4. Whale watching.
  5. Ordering off the secret menu at In & Out.

In actuality, it is probably working its hair off at the TS Beer Garden but I would like to think maybe, just maybe, it’s playing the back nine at Pebble Beach.

Beer Release Of The Week!: Six Point Brewing’s 4BEANS


Even though it has been a while, the goodness of this one has stuck with me. Talking ’bout 4BEANS Imperial Porter from New York’s Six Point Brewing. Ok, well, back then it was 3BEAN, but still.

Six Point doesn’t make out to the Western parts (at least not in a normal way), so it’s tough to get. We had it muled to us last time. Let the eager waiting of a magical ‘beer mule’ begin.

Welp. Said mule is not here yet. It seems we have time to watch this video about the beans and the beer and the…beans

BOTTLE RELEASE OF THE WEEK!: Sudwerk’s ‘Rye Of The Lager’

We drank it in this episode and talked about it last week. It’s Sudwerk’s Rye of the Lager.

It’s out there now, in the Californias, if you want to go searching for a needle in the shelf stack.

We suggest you do as all three of us liked it on the show. Rye is there but is not overpowering – I think that means I’m supposed to call it “well balanced.”

Whatever. Check the stats. It’s good. Find it or contact a mule.


BOARD OF THE WEEK: Blind Lady Alehouse

New feature on the Perfect Pour blog: Board Of The Week! Our first one comes from Blind Lady Alehouse down in the San Diegos.


I see Noble’s Big Whig, I’m liking that. If you’re there in the afternoon the Craftsman Made For The Shade light lager might work. This year’s Santa’s Lil Helper is already out, too early for me but it sounds interesting. That Ritual Hop-O-Matic, I’m imaging that being really good though I’ve heard nothing.

Good week to head down to BLAH.

Bottle Release Of The Week: Drake’s Aroma Coma IPA

It’s so damn tasty. At least that’s my memory of it. Talking about Aroma Coma, seasonal IPA from Drake’s Brewing.

It was released over the weekend so you can certainly get it if you’re in the East Bay. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be a tour stop.

Yeah, this beer is so damn cool it has its own tour. It also has two opening acts: Aroma Therapy (double IPA version) and Aroma Prieta (pale version).
 Did you see that? The tour stops in the Perfect Pour’s neck-of-the-woods, Clovis.

Coma 2015 is averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Untappd right now. Looking forward to ‘checking in’ to one on the 31st.

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