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Fresh IPAs Are Ruining Everything!: Perfect Pour #209


What beer would you serve Oprah? Seriously, bro, what beer? This is a totally important question that we are going to tackle this week. Please join us for this and beer releases to Look Out For, listeners calling us, beer drinking and trying to please Matt.

Please join us for this and beer releases to Look Out For, listeners calling us, beer drinking, there is a drinking device called at Bierstick, Paul has a “new” beer song for us, and we have a hard time trying to please Matt.

All this and more craft beer party time! Have a listen!

PLAY: PerfectPour209.mp3
52.8MB | 1:55:26| Bad Language!

Thanks for listening!!

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We Go Off Beer Campus and May Not Come Back: Perfect Pour #204


Let’s have some FUN with our nerd beers. This week we get into some things like…

  • Matt is off the “Beer Campus” but is still on the show.
  • We try to have some more fun with this year’s Beer Camp 12 pack.
  • Where the hell do some of these “big beers” come from?
  • It’s been fun watching for the beer Easter eggs on HBO’s Silicon Valley this season “805, Bro!”
  • There is an almost life changing voice message from Paul.
  • Beers to look out for.
  • Shady deals for a case of Pliny.
  • Matt totally almost ran into a big beer celebrity, in an alley.

There’s a lot more but that will get ya going. INCLUDING A BONUS CLIP at the end. So let’s start listening!

CLICK: BeerCampusPour204.mp3
43.3MB | 1:34:44 | Some Fowl Language


Beer Camp 12-Pack 2017: The Perfect Pour #203

Our annual event of trying to get through the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp colab 12-pack all in one episode. Can we do it or do we get distracted by whalze and media outlets selling to Big Beer?

Let’s find out.

Click to stream: BeerCamp2017.mp3
47 MB | 01:42:45 | Some Fowl Language


Back To Beer Basics: The Perfect Pour #192

Alright, alright. Things have gotten a little rowdy. Let’s settle down and get back to a classic Perfect Pour episode: beer geek talking, drinking and dreaming.

We talk about getting on the front page of the iTunes Podcast page, THAT episode, the Top 50 Craft Breweries list, new beer releases to Look Out For, play voicemails and figure out the best way to Day Drink.

Have some beer fun with us! Cheers!

Click to listen!: PerfectMellowPour192.mp3   56.4MB || 2:03:14 || Some Fowl Language


This Is Aged ON White Oak: The Perfect Pour #186


This week on the show, a Budweiser commercial has got Mikey dangerously close to drinking a Bud. Dangerously.

Plus!: Joshua Tehee and Kathy Mahan from the Fresno Bee newspaper (and Flowing With Famous), come on to talk about the Bee’s new beer page and the local Fresno beer scene.

We also tackle what it’s like when your significant other is not a beer geek and you’re out there trying to be all beer geeky! And we listen to voicemails, drink some first-time-in-a-can perfection, look out for some new beer releases and give a tip or two about getting Pliny The Younger.

Click and listen!: FresnoBeePour186.mp3
57.9MB | 2:06:00 | Fowl Language


Four Years Of Perfect Pours


It has been four years of podcasting about craft beer so we thought we should put out a special show! We bring in totally big time guests _______, _________ and of corse _________.

What happens when a listener calls from a BevMo parking lot. Is beer for dogs really a thing? And please, don’t unsubscribe from us

Please join us!

LISTEN HERE! CLICK: ThePerfectPour175.mp3
 49.2MB | 1:47:37 | Fowl Language



Bottle Share Etiquette and Not Respecting Brew Pubs: The Perfect Pour 165


Beer geeks don’t really geek out about brew pubs. We’re kinda “meh”. Why is this? Are we too snobby or is there a good reason?

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to conduct yourself on your first bottle share, the listeners of the Perfect Pour give their advice on what to do at your first bottle share.
We also talk some beer news (like the epic buyout beer post from Modern Times), give you a heads-up on some good looking beer coming out, debut new music from Paul, and enjoy many beers – even one from our Fizzics.
Listen here!: BottleSharePour166.mp3
54.7 MB | 1:59 | Language