The Perfect Pour is three craft beer geeks talking about beer. Imagine that.

We started the podcast as a creative way to educate ourselves, and the Central Valley of California, about craft beer. The content has since grown into a beer geek culture podcast. We talk about news surrounding craft beer, what beer we’ve been discovering and what beers we’re hoping to find. And oh yeah, WE DRINK A LOT because craft beer is awesome and just so damn tasty!!

If you’re in the industry and want us to try your beer or talk about ya, you can always send us an email: perfectpourpodcast@gmail.com

You can listen on the site, on iTunesStitcher or pretty much any podcast listening app.

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The Perfect Pour is hosted by:

  • Mikey Seay.  10-years of podcasting and blogging experience with a few years of being a craft beer nerd. Has yet to meet a hoppy beer he didn’t like. [On Untppd: Dorktown]
  • Nick N. Big time stout guy but won’t turn away a Pliny, that’s for damn sure. [ TheNick80 on Untappd]
  • Matt N. “The Bearded Brewer”. Runs the Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden and has a very crafty beard. Likes all styles except pumpkin…don’t dare bring up pumpkin beer around him.
    [ beardedbrewer87 on Untappd]

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