Craft Beer Will Never Win Without Outback Steakhouse Handles: The Perfect Pour #214


Let’s all try to level up, become a nerd, and get serious about tasting beer! Or maybe we should just do what we always do and drink.

This week our biggest beer question is “Can one be pissed that Outback Steakhouse has no good beer?” We also get metal with some 3 Floyds Beers, mess with beer nerds taking their Cicerone test, look out for some new beer releases, listen to listeners, drink more beer and upset one of our favorite listeners.

Sorry about the crickets. Damn crickets. Have a listen:

Click!: ThePerfectPour214.mp3
42.MB | 1:32:55 | Fowl Language

Thank you for listening!!

-Mikey, Nick and Matt

Our “send swag” to us address/Self Addressed envelope for stickers:

The Perfect Pour – co Mike S.
2037 W. Bullard Ave #153
Fresno, CA 93711




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