Perfect Pour “Re-release” – Episode #3

File Jan 05, 8 58 07 AM

The is a re-release. A reissue. Actually, it’s the result of an audio screw up.

Episode 210 of the Perfect Pour is somewhere in audio hell and we have not been able to retrieve it for days. We still might but for now, since it is “Friday” and all we want to give you something. So how about we listen to episode 3 together? Maybe you were not around in the beginning. Maybe you were really drunk when you listened originally and totally forgot this episode.

Either way, we can still have some FUN.

Click: ReReleaseOfEpisode3.mp3
26MB | 56:47 | Some language fowl

Thanks for listening!!

Our “send swag” to us address/Self Addressed envelope for stickers:

The Perfect Pour – co Mike S.
2037 W. Bullard Ave #153
Fresno, CA 93711




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