Craft Beer Sloughs and Drunk GABF Calls!: The Perfect Pour #170


This week’s craft beer podcast episode:

  • Will solve the mystery surrounding the lack of twist off bottles in craft beer.
  • Has the occasional hum.
  • Possibly have a tangent or two.
  • Answer beer trivia questions.
  • Create the term “Stout Chest.”
  • Has talk of Gold Medal beer.
  • Misses the Old Kanye.
  • Discover brett beer doesn’t always sour.
  • There is wondering if pumpkin beer needs more categories.
  • Learns why hoppy beer is the best delivery for alcohol ever.
  • Tries to figure out if AB is secretly buying beer supply businesses.
  • Determines how many beers is kosher for mowing your lawn.
  • Plays a lot of beer-fueled voicemails from GABF.
  • Gives you craft beer to look out for.

LISTEN HERE!: PerfectPourEpisode170.mp3
 50.2MB | 1:49:42 | Fowl Language



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