The 7 IPAs Not In My Fridge On IPA Day


IPA Day is on the first Thursday in August. And I can give you 7 IPAs that are not in my beer fridge this year, but DAMMIT, I wish they were.

In brackets, after the beer, I will lay claim to “HAD IT” (already tried the IPA) or “Whalze Bro!” (been searching for it a while). Perfect Pour listeners already know about this pretentious “had it” claim. But I digress.

My beer fridge is sorely lacking…

7. Russian River’s: Blind Pig. [HAD IT!] Of course everybody wants to have a Pliny in their fridge. I do too. But it’s beer been too long since I’ve had a “Pliny Light” (aka Blind Pig) and I’m jonesing for one.

6. Beachwood Brewing’s: Melrose. [Whalze, Bro!] Everything I have had from Beachwood is great, but I keep missing this one. This streak of lameness needs to end today.

5. Kaweah Brewing’s: Slauncher. [Whalze, Bro!] This is a local one with a lot of buzz. It’s driving me crazy I have not tried it. Rumored to be a Pliny chaser. I’m chasing IT.

4. Carton Brewing’s: ID. [Whalze, Bro!] On many days, if you ask me what my favorite brewer is from back East, I will say “Carton, of course. Thanks for asking.” Simply ignoring the fact that I have only had one Carton beer. This only makes sense to me. Forgetting all that, I really want to try this one:

3. Maine Beer Co’s: “Lunch”. [Whalze, Bro!] Even back here in California, I hear a many a tale about this Maine Beer Company. I have not had a Maine Co beer. This “Lunch” sounds like a damn fine place to start. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit with intense hop bang. Yep. Plus the name makes me feel like it’s totally cool to have during me lunch break.

2.Kern River’s: “Citra” [HAD IT!]: Only have had this one a couple times. BUT DAMMIT those were some good times. Wouldn’t mind having more. I hear it’s coming out soon – by “hear” I mean that I dreamed about it magically showing up in my fridge.

1.  The Alchemist’s: Focal Banger [Whalze, Bro!] It’s no longer cool to want a “Heady”. You are now cool if you want the other Alchemist beer. I want to be cool.

This list could go on forever. Isn’t that great!? You could fill a fridge with IPA ‘whales’ and still be wanting more. I love you, craft beer.


6 thoughts on “The 7 IPAs Not In My Fridge On IPA Day

    1. Mikey S Post author

      Glad I could help, Toby! Thanks for the reco’. While we’re in California, I do get out to New Jersey on occasion (and I know Long Island is not NJ but still it’s relatively close) so that’s good to know and one to pass on to listeners.


  1. xlperro

    Hey Mikey, I might be able to help you out with Lunch. Shows up here on occasion (and gone just as quick), but I’m also headed to Maine in October. I’ll keep an eye out for this one.


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