Paul In Fairfax, Fontana Jim and Lots Of Beer!: The Perfect Pour 158


Tonight, on a very special episode of Blossom, Blossom reveals that she has never drank a Pliny…WAIT no, this is the Perfect Pour, a craft beer show. Not a spunky early 90s sitcom.

But this is a very special episode. Our guests this week are none other than listeners and experienced beer enthusiasts: Fontana Jim and Paul In Fairfax. THATS RIGHT! Jim and Paul are live and in the studio! Not only that, the Footon 55 has a couple of guests too!

It’s pretty damn rad to be able to talk and share some good beer with good folks. Thanks for sticking with the show and having fun with us.

Welp. We have a lot of beer to drink so let’s get to it!:

CLICK TO LISTEN: JimandPaulPour158.mp3
67.8MB || 02:28:01 || Language



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