What Is Wrong With Self-Pour Beer Taps and Clam Jams


There is a new wave of self-pour beer places happening. Sounds kinda awesome to be able to pour your own beer. Hasn’t that always been the dream? To be able to jump behind the bar and pour all the beer you want?

Well it’s a reality now and maybe it’s not such a great thing. We bring back Rad Stacey from New Belgium (plus the awesome Shana Shamalamadingdong of GoldStein’s) to help us break down that topic.

They also help us drink a lot of beer! Namely New Belg’s Fat Tire & Friends 12-pack. Plus they teach us what a “clam jam” is and we listen to a new song from Paul In Fairfax (that is pretty RAD), press Stacey for New Belgium buyout news, and lots of voicemail!

*Editor’s note: Sorry in advance for all the “talking over each other” you will have to endure this week. It’s the price you pay when you party and podcast. And yes, there will be crotch references.

CLICK TO LISTEN: StaceyRadShanaPour155.mp3
57MB || 2:04 || Language & Innuendo



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