Highly ABNORMAL Craft Beer Drinking: Perfect Pour #137


Indie beer people are a small group. Not big. Small. They need your support. If you don’t feel like supporting independent stuff, just at least leave the people that do, alone.

We talk about this and some other craft beer culture news. Plus: What is the best beer bar in your state?

We are then joined by Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer at Abnormal Beer Company. He’s a pretty awesome guy. We talked about a lot of beer stuff. Some of them this:

  • The amazing craft beer life that a brewer in San Diego can have.
  • Converting people to craft beer.
  • Do brewers look at your Untappd reviews of their beer.
  • Getting hops from Big Beer.
  • Tells some pretty awesome stories. Along with one that involves a prominent Perfect Pour listener.

Lots of IPA related drinking happens as we give you some beers to look out for and talk about beers we drank.

Oh, and there are a lot of voicemails. LOTS of voicemails.

LISTEN HERE! Just click: AbnormalBeerCoPour.mp3
58.1 MB | 2:06:58 | Explicit

(The episode of Dorktown where Bells challenges Mikey’s indie beer sensibilities.)

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