You Don’t Get To Have Everything, Macro Beer!: Perfect Pour #134



This week on the show, we finally tell our side of the Big #IndieBeer Battle of 2016. Sorry, you don’t get to be cool, Big Beer, and we’re going to give you some shit about it.

It’s always fun when we get to sink our teeth into a topic we are passionate about and we are definitely passionate about beer.

There’s some other stuff too.

Did we get tickets to Firestone Walker Invitational? Maybe… but we give some tips for those that want to show up in town but don’t have tickets. What happens when your taproom doesn’t have a permit for guest taps? Beers to look out for and we long for the days of crank calling.

Stay to the end for your Barly cheers… Wait, WHAT!? This episode is over two hours? That’s so indie.

CLICK TO LISTEN!: PerfectIndiePour134.mp3
 59.2 MB | 02:09:26 | Some Explicit Language


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