How The Perfect Pour Uses Craft Beer Geek Speak


We love to throw around beer-geek verbiage on the show. But because of all the drinking, sometimes we forget the ones we made up. So we setup this page to keep tabs and give newbie listeners some background.

Some are made up by us (denoted with an *). Some are known geek terms that we overuse use on the show. Some of the definitions may not be accurate to the outside beer world, but they are how we use them.

  • Ticker: That dude that loves to rattle off all the different beers he’s tried. “Oh I’ve had that one. I though it was alright.”
  • *Do You Even _____, Bro?: What’s better than Bro humor? We did it first, dammit! …alright, not first. But we’ve made it our own.
  • Shower Beer: Yeah, you guessed it. It’s a beer you’d take in the shower with you. We now have listeners calling from their shower so … we’ve made it?
  • *I Love GoooOOlld!: Yep. It’s from Austin Power’s “Goldmember”. Yes it’s dorky. Yes it’s funny (to us anyway). We use it every time we open a beer on the show.
  • *Situational Beer: You’re at a bar, party, wedding, restaurant and they don’t have anything you like to drink. But they have beer. And you really want a beer. The situation calls for one, no matter how bad.
  • *Hey Guys! Can You Hear Me? I’m Drivin’!: It’s what Scotty B says every time he calls the show as, yes you guessed it, he’s driving. It’s morphed into other callers using it do. We think it’s pretty fucking sweet.

There’s more but … can’t really remember them right now because beer. If you’ve got one we use on the show you think should be included, let us know.


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