PATREON: What The Hell Is It And Why Should I Care?

Immortal hair-metal band, Ratt, once said “You gotta pay to play so dontchu stand in my way ’cause nobodyyyyy, nobody rides for free.” [insert badass Warren DeMartini riff here]patreonbanner

This is the song playing in our heads as we announce to the nerd beer world that we have launched a Patreon page. Just announced during Episode 79 of the Perfect Pour, we decided to offer (beg) a option of kicking us down a little cash on a monthly basis so we can make the podcast a little better.

Check out the page to see what this Patreon page is all about, maybe help us out or maybe just ignore it and rock on listening to us like always. Here is a sorta drunk clip from EP79 explaining our reasoning for starting the page:

Cheers to you for listening! Let us know what ya think in the comments or our voice-mail line 559-492-0542.


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