Shower Beers and Don’t Be ‘Naked Guy’ at Your Next Bottle Share: Perfect Pour #74


There’s a pizza tangent (among others), but don’t worry, plenty of craft beer talk lies ahead.

We go over bottle share party etiquette and breakdown Naked Guy Drunk vs. Adolescent Drunk. There’s a weird craft beer scam out there and there are secret bottle sharing groups on Facebook.

Lots of drinking, we find a new kind of growler and are excited, listeners send us voicemails 1-559-492-0542 and we play them! Also, we, of course, talk about what we’ve been caught drinking and the beers we’re looking out for. Lots of bottle sharing fun is had!

Direct download: PerfectPour74.mp3
HOSTED BY: Nick. Matt. Mikey. MUSIC BY: Sunburns
Email Perfect PourReview us on iTunesTalk to us on our Facebook page and Google + page. The Perfect Pour is part of the Dorktown NetworkVOICEMAIL: 1-559-492-0542

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