Settle In And Have A Beer With Us

Us here at The Perfect Pour, we’re simply a podcast about being a craft beer nerd. We started it as a way to educate us and the Central Valley on the craft perftpourupdatebeer scene. To find out what it took to truly become a nerd about beer.

We have the nerd thing down but still have a lot to learn about the beer part.

It’s been a couple years now and we figure it’s time to get more than a Podbean page for folks to check us out on. So here were our with our little humble blog site.

We’ll be posting all future episodes of the podcast here plus an occasional blog post that relates to what’s going on with the show or craft beer in general.

Nothing else is changed, all the shows will post to the Podbean page like normal. All the past episodes will be available over at the Podbean page still.

So, we really hope you follow us on here and we can provide a cool place to hang out and talk about beer. Cheers!

-Mikey, Nick and Matt.


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