New England IPAs, Pliny and Lawnmower Beer Secrets: The Perfect Pour #171


Heads up!: We put flour in this episode to make it look like we’re trying.

Our beer fridge is mic’d and ready for tough beer questions. There are more growler tips. Does the Perfect Pour approve of NE IPAs? Is the staff at SF Toronado truly assholes? All this and a lot more craft beer talk and drinking!

Stone did not lay us off while listening to this:

LISTEN HERE!: NEbeersThePerfectPour.mp3
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Craft Beer Sloughs and Drunk GABF Calls!: The Perfect Pour #170


This week’s craft beer podcast episode:

  • Will solve the mystery surrounding the lack of twist off bottles in craft beer.
  • Has the occasional hum.
  • Possibly have a tangent or two.
  • Answer beer trivia questions.
  • Create the term “Stout Chest.”
  • Has talk of Gold Medal beer.
  • Misses the Old Kanye.
  • Discover brett beer doesn’t always sour.
  • There is wondering if pumpkin beer needs more categories.
  • Learns why hoppy beer is the best delivery for alcohol ever.
  • Tries to figure out if AB is secretly buying beer supply businesses.
  • Determines how many beers is kosher for mowing your lawn.
  • Plays a lot of beer-fueled voicemails from GABF.
  • Gives you craft beer to look out for.

LISTEN HERE!: PerfectPourEpisode170.mp3
 50.2MB | 1:49:42 | Fowl Language


Craft Beer Questions You Never Knew You Had: The Perfect Pour #169


This week we attempt to answer these craft beer things and more:

  • Why are there no ‘twist off’ bottles in craft beer?
  • What are the new details on the Kern River “Citra” bottle release?
  • What is our deal with Sam Adam’s “Rebel IPA”?
  • Where the hell is the Bearded Brewer?
  • Whom has let Drakes Brewing come back into their lives?
  • What beer knocked some socks off this week?
  • Where is the Perfect Pour listener meetup at GABF?
  • Will we ever be mixed into a Paul From Fairfax song?
  • What is our first Trillium beer?

LISTEN HERE!: TwistOffPerfectPour.mp3
 48.6MB | 1:46:17 | Language


It’s A GUSHER! – The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show #168


One of the beers on this week’s show will gush when it shouldn’t gush. Other things to look out for this week:

  • Drinking in a closet? Is this a bad thing?
  • What celeb would you like to have a beer with?
  • Old beer. What’s the deal with that?
  • What is the limit for number of breweries visited in one day?
  • Recos for drinking in Sacramento.
  • International Podcast Day is a thing.
  • A Trillium beer is tried for the first time.
  • There will be a Perfect Pour listener meetup at GABF this year.
  • Modern Time’s “Aurora” has hit town and this upsets Matt.
  • Why are cans of Fat Tire so elusive?
  • What the hell does ‘three on the tree’ mean?

LISTEN HERE!: TheGusherPour168.mp3
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Homebrewing Whales With Scotty B and Matt: The Perfect Pour #167


With Matt out on “beard leave” Mikey and Nick have to pull in somebody big to entertain the listeners. How about SCOTTY B!? Plus home-brewer and possibly about to start a legit brewery guy, Matt Vaught!

Plenty of homebrew will be poured but don’t worry, we still mix in our normal craft beer geek talk, drinking and listener voicemails. We’ll give you some beer to look out for, report on some of the best beer we drank in the past week, play games with our beers and have such bad mic problems it just might shut the show down.

LISTEN HERE!: PerfectPour167.mp3
 54MB | 1:57:58 | Language


Sports In Your Craft Beer Bar: The Perfect Pour #166


Do you really need the big “sportsball” game on at your local craft beer bar or taproom or is your beer enough? PLUS! The shots that are in every craft brewery commercial, another beer podcast was in the Bearded Brewer’s place, Mitch Steele does something weird and friend of the show, Adrian Berrera, is the new Head Brewer of Kern River!

Those are some of the craft beer things we cover this episode. We also DRINK BEER. Maybe too much. We also give you a heads-up on some beers you might want to look out for and remind you to locally source your beer and podcast.

Also, apparantley, when Mikey drinks a lot, he can’t remember where Wales is.

We only eat indie burritos. … Don’t hate. Party.

Listen here!: CraftBeerSportsballPerfectPour166.mp3
59.3 MB | 2:06:41 | Foul Language


Bottle Share Etiquette and Not Respecting Brew Pubs: The Perfect Pour 165


Beer geeks don’t really geek out about brew pubs. We’re kinda “meh”. Why is this? Are we too snobby or is there a good reason?

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to conduct yourself on your first bottle share, the listeners of the Perfect Pour give their advice on what to do at your first bottle share.
We also talk some beer news (like the epic buyout beer post from Modern Times), give you a heads-up on some good looking beer coming out, debut new music from Paul, and enjoy many beers – even one from our Fizzics.
Listen here!: BottleSharePour166.mp3
54.7 MB | 1:59 | Language